About Us

Gynecologic cancer patients and survivors in Huntsville, Alabama and the Tennessee Valley region can become members of the Lilies of the Valley gynecologic cancer support and awareness group, no matter where they receive treatment. The Lilies of the Valley Foundation’s mission is to educate, raise awareness, and disseminate information about gynecologic cancers to cancer patients and survivors, the general public, and the medical community in the Tennessee Valley region. Our support group meets monthly and has awareness events throughout the year. We offer educational Teal Talks, resources and other activities for anyone interested in our cause. For more information or to schedule a Teal Talk, contact us at info@liliesothevalley.org.

Our billboard message for September awareness month, 2018

Our Membership

Lilies of the Valley membership is open to all gynecologic cancer patients and survivors throughout the Tennessee Valley region, regardless of where or when they have received their treatment. Advocates, family members and friends join us to help raise awareness about gynecologic cancers.

Our Organization

Lilies of the Valley is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization. Our Board of Directors meets quarterly to assure that financial operations uphold the organization’s mission statement in accordance with nonprofit organizational principles. Lilies of the Valley has no paid employees; we exist entirely from the work of our volunteers, the donations we receive and the funds we raise. Our volunteers are survivors, family members and community members who want to help raise awareness about gynecologic cancers. Contact us if you would like more information about ways to support our group.