Lilies Garden

102The Lilies of the Valley Garden of Life and Remembrance is located on the Gateway Greenway on Meridian Street in downtown Huntsville (the garden is bordered by Cleveland Avenue N.W. and Meridian Street North; parking is available in the lot next to the garden.) It is a place to celebrate and remember those affected by gynecologic cancers.

Be sure to visit the galilies garden for sept 2016rden during September, Ovarian Cancer Awareness month when it is all decked out in teal. It’s a lovely spot for a lunch break or just to sit and enjoy the day.

Periodically, the Lilies hold a celebration of life in the garden. All friends and family of the Lilies are invited to attend as we recognize the new bricks installed in honor or memory of women with gynecologic cancers, and we also remember those we have lost and whose names have been engraved on the central statue in the garden.

You can help us plant seeds in the garden and establish a lasting legacy by purchasing a brick in honor or in memory of a woman  diagnosed with a gynecologic cancer (these include cancers of the ovaries, cervix, fallopian tube, endometrium, uterus, vulva or vagina).

Brick orders may be placed anytime throughout the year. Each September new bricks are placed in the garden, and the names of any Lilies who have passed away in the previous year are engraved on the Statue of Hope. Brick orders must be received before the end of June to be placed in September of the same year. Orders placed later than June 30 will be installed the following year.

To order a brick:

Bricks in our garden can be purchased for $125 each. It’s a two step process to order a order a brick  in honor or memory of someone affected by a gynecologic cancer.

FIRST: Order the brick. Contact us at and include: 1. Your contact information: name, address, email address and telephone (optional). Also include the type of cancer the person you are honoring or memorializing was diagnosed with.  2. The inscription exactly as you want it to appear on the brick. Inscriptions are limited to 4 lines of text, 21 characters per line (letters, numbers, spaces and special characters count as characters). Sample inscriptions:

In honor of                                                                                                   In memory of

Jane Lily                                                                                                        Jane Lily

Love, John & Susan Lily                                                                             1920 – 1986


Orders are not processed until payment is verified.

Corporate and individual sponsorships of the larger garden tiles are also available. Contact us at  for details!




The Lilies of the Valley Garden of Life and Remembrance was dedicated in September 2006.

Garden design by George Kost, George Kost Designs

Construction supervisor – Cory Brown, The Catbird Seat