Legacy of Hope


Legacy of HopeThe Lilies of the Valley Legacy of Hope Fund exists for the sole purpose of fulfilling our mission of member support.  Members of Lilies of the Valley are ovarian cancer survivors.  The Legacy of Hope Fund aims to offer assistance to a member or her family that may not be available through other organizations.  Awards from the Legacy of Hope Fund may provide assistance for finances, emotional well-being, or physical comfort, through both direct and indirect methods of delivery.  Recognizing that the “cost” of belonging to such a group is already high, the Legacy of Hope Fund does not necessarily grant awards based on financial need.  Primarily funds are awarded according to availability, number of requests, and the overall impact of the type of support received.  Therefore, though all applications are considered, not all applications are rewarded.


    Please see the application form for more information about the application process. 
Applications are reviewed monthly with an approximate three week processing time. 
Please turn in applications for review by the 15th of the month


What is causing you stress?  That is what the Legacy fund strives to solve. The Legacy of Hope could provide headcoverings, meal delivery, pet sitting or boarding, financial or other planning and consultation.  Sometimes those who travel for medical care may need a little extra help with gas money or others could use some assistance with meals. 

Perhaps a family member is on bedrest and needs some assistance.  A remote control doorbell could be of great assistance to prevent her from calling out for help.  Pet therapy, balloons, or flowers may offer cheer. A pet sitter, dog walker, or an overnight sitter service, even for just a night or two, could offer help for the whole family.

Others who are recovering well may need a little extra something to help such as a yoga, physical therapy or exercise class, professional couseling, or even a massage or spa service to get them jump-started to well-being. 

Some of our Lilies are celebrating huge milestones, ending chemotherapy or survival anniversaries, and these definitely need acknowledgement, maybe with a celebration dinner!

Others want more information than they can find in our area and seek to travel far and wide to find it.  The Legacy of Hope is a great place to turn for assistance with travel expenses related to ovarian cancer. 

These are only a few ideas of things the Legacy of Hope could offer.  Only you know what you need to make this experience more tolerable.  Please apply to the Legacy of Hope for whatever will make you feel more supported!


Download an application (pdf)

This fund is managed externally by a separate committee from Lilies of the Valley, called the Lilies of the Valley Legacy of Hope Committee.  All applications received and all awards distributed are handled anonymously, unless the applicant chooses to share the information with others.

Lilies of the Valley sincerely thanks the Junior League of Huntsville
for their volunteer efforts in organizing the launch of this fund in 2009. 


Legacy of Hope Awards Granted to Date 


Aquatics class                Grocery Cards                  
Grocery cards Grief counseling      
Counseling Conference travel expense    
Conference travel expense Hair makeover service
Survivor Course travel expense Mountain cabin accomodations
Spa service Nutrition counseling
Yoga instruction

Water aerobics class


Grocery Cards

Conference travel expense

Kindle book reader

Payment of medical expense

Counseling Co-pays